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Anthelia IPL available at Bloom!

Posted on March 11, 2016


"More advanced than Lasers, IPL is the technology proven to treat unwanted hair safely on any hair type -very white to very black, even blonde and grey."

Anthélia® Pulsed Light enables the treatment of acne, vascular lesions, and pigmentary lesions for all patients (men and women), while ensuring photo toning and anti-age treatment for the face and body. Offering the benefits of unique and exclusive patented technology, Anthélia® is able to ensure not only the lasting photepilation of black and brown hair, but also of white and blond hair (on all skin tones). Anthélia® uses medical technology developed and manufactured in France. It is safer, less painful and very successful. And most importantly, it works on ALL HAIR types, even RED, BLONDE, GREY and WHITE. All our Permanent Hair Reduction treatments are performed by qualified, certified and experienced IPL Technicians. 






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