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A non-alkaline cleanser with White Oak Bark, Yucca and Aloe extract that remove make-up, dirt and dead skin cells without drying. Deep Pore clears pores while cleansing the skin at the same time. Suitable for both men and women with normal to oily skin, congested, acne prone skin and darker skin tones. The Perfect cleanser to abolish blackheads and skin eruptions.

Size: 180ml (6oz)
Price: $80.00

Essential Size: 60ml (2oz)
Price: $35.00



Formulated with our water-soluble base with essential, herbal oils. Milk Cleanser is designed for fine, sensitive skin and is gentle to the most fragile skin types. It is a low pH balanced cleansing milk with White Oak Bark, Birch Bark, Yucca and Soybean Extracts for dry, delicate or sensitive skin.

Size: 180ml (6oz)
Price: $85.00

Essential size: 60ml (2oz)
Price: $35.00



Acu-Klenz is a deep-cleansing gel containing salicylic acid. It’s deep penetrating action helps keep pores clean while penetrating and drying up existing acne.

Size: 180ml (6oz)
Price: $70.00

Essential Size: 60ml (2oz)
Price: $27.00