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For those who want that extra result or are ready to take their skin revision to the next level, our advanced skin treatments are guaranteed to get you there. These treatments are for those who understand the importance of a symbiotic relationship between the skin therapist and the client for the most incredible long term, sustainable results. All advanced treatments require appropriate prescription home care and a thorough consultation before commencing treatment. Please see below for our DMK advanced Enzyme Therapy treatment range and associated prices as well as our fantastic before and after gallery. 


Not only will our famous Enzyme therapy give you an instant plumping - but more importantly it will detoxify your skin, using your own lymphatic system, and then kick-start it's optimal functioning. This treatment creates a visible oxygenation and detoxification that rebuilds the skin from a cellular level.

Signature DMK Enzyme Therapy
1hr 30min $200
Suitable for first time DMK Enzyme Therapy Clients, all skins and clients on Roaccutane.
*pregnancy safe

Advanced DMK Enzyme Therapy
1hr 45min $245
Suitable for clients who have had a Signature DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment. 

Muscle Banding DMK Enzyme Therapy
1hr 30min $245
Age Management

DMK Pro Lift
1hr 30min $290

This 3 step Muscle Banding Treatment provides breath-taking results. Desired by many for its instant lifting and tightening qualities, it is perfect for special occasions! Incorporating a pre-exfoliation specifically chosen for you, then Enzyme 1+2, this treatment will leave you red carpet ready!
The treatment is finished with a Transdermal Infusion which locks the integral nutrients into the skin.
*pregnancy safe

DMK Pro Lift Ultra
1hr 45min $320
This exquisite but high results driven treatment is the PERFECT treatment before a big event or for those who really want the next level in age management.
We start with a lymphatic cleanse to increase circulation whilst firming and toning the skin. Next, we apply Pro Alpha Peel which will leave the skin rejuvenated and pull water into the epidermis. We then apply Enzyme Therapy #1 to work with the lymphatic system to flush toxins and effluvia from the skin and restore optimal skin function. We then apply Enzyme Therapy #2 and #3 with a muscle banding technique. This incredible treatment will remove dead cell material, optimise skin function, rehydrate AND strengthen and firm the muscles and tissues in the face and neck.
We finish the treatment with a transdermal infusion of Multivitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids.

DMK Medipedi
15min $45
Foot treatment using Alkaline to soften, swell and dissolve hardened skin.
Can be used as an add on to a pedicure or add to an Enzyme Therapy Treatment.




DMK Paramedical treatments work on your internal structure and function of the skin and bring your skin back to its genetic potential. Revising your skin back to homeostasis is achieved through a course of enzyme therapy treatments, to kick start, boost and activate your skins own processes. Your therapist will decide which course is going to achieve your skin goal. To reignite your skin to working optimally you’ll be required to have DMK treatments weekly for the chosen amount of treatments, working synergistically with home care. Once your skin goal is achieved, you’ll be able to have monthly maintenance treatments supported through home care.

Basic Enzyme Package – 3 week revision program
3 x Enzyme Therapy Signature $600
Receive free of charge DMK Essentials homecare pack (chosen by your DMK specialist to suit).
Save between $125-$137.50

Intermediate Enzyme Package – 6 week revision program
6 x Enzyme Therapy Advanced $1225
Receive 7th Enzyme treatment free of charge
Receive free of charge DMK Essentials homecare pack (chosen by your DMK specialist to suit)
Save $383

Advanced Enzyme Package – 12 week revision program
12 x Enzyme Therapy Advanced $2695
Receive 13th Enzyme treatment free of charge
Receive DMK EFA’s plus a DMK Essentials pack (chosen by your DMK specialist to suit)

Save $460


View some of the fantastic results clients have achieved with these treatments.