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Maintaining a high standard of beauty requires dedication and time and the pleasure of smooth, hair free skin is something many women and men desire.

Waxing is simplicity personified : hot wax or strip wax is applied to the face or body and unwanted hair is swept away in minutes. While it is not a permanent hair removal, our comprehensive selection of facial and body waxing procedures result in hair free areas for up to 8 weeks.  

Waxing Treatments

1/2 Leg Wax - 30 min $35

Forget shaving! Waxing produces a longer lasting, smooth feel which you can enjoy all year round .
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3/4 Leg Wax - 30 min $50

From foot to mid thigh plus the back of your legs, perfect for pretty dresses, short skirts or just because.
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Full Leg Wax - 45 min $65

Smooth and silky legs from foot to bikini line: the perfect pre-holiday treat or a gorgeous look all-year-round !
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1/2 Leg plus Bikini Wax - 45 min $45

The Perfect treatment combo for a smooth, hair free look that makes you feel great no matter where you are.
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Full Leg plus Bikini Wax - 60 min $75

Gorgeous, hair free legs from top to bottom will make you feel great anywhere, anytime.
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Bikini Wax - 15 min $25

A Summer Essential to keep the area around your bikini line free from unwanted hair. 
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Extended Bikini Wax -15 min $38

Extend the bikini line to the upper inner thigh.
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Underarm Wax - 15 min $22

No more underarm stubble! Waxing produces completely smooth underarms which look great in summer and feel good all year round.
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Arm Wax - 15 min $25

Darker, heavier arm hairs are gone in minutes: smooth arms for 4-6 weeks!
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Lip OR Chin Wax - 15 min $15

Pesky hairs around the mouth OR chin are gone in minutes. 
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Lip AND Chin Wax - 15 min $25

No more tweezing! Waxing removes those coarse, unwanted hairs around the lips AND chin with ease. 
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Brazilian Wax - 45 min $65

For a thorough and complete hair removal procedure. Not for the faint-hearted!
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Repeat Brazilian Wax - 30 min $50 (within 4-6 weeks)

Regularly repeating the Brazilian waxing procedure ensures longer lasting results.  
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Full Face Wax - 30 min $40

Includes lip, chin, sides of face and jawline.
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Men's Waxing

Men's chest OR Back Wax - 30 min $50

Remove unwanted hair from your chest OR back. 
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Men's Chest AND Back Wax - 45 min $80

Walk out with a smooth, hairless chest AND back in less than an hour.
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Men's Full Leg Wax - 45 min from $65

Look like a Triathlete! Smooth legs from top to toe.
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